Google that shit, man!

First time mom, and ex military wife. Life slingshot us to Northern California where our roots are digging deep. With family and friends miles.. and miles away parenting was a 2 man gig.. g

Whoever said it takes a village to raise a child was right.. I’m freakin winging it over here. Y 
oh google.. your old reliable friend. 

  • helping your cheat those late here go omework nights, and cheat those not so secret family recipes. now here to help you cheat parenting!

I got pregnant somewhere over the rainbow in Hawaii where we lived. Most people I knew were several time zones away, and i do recall googling everything at that time. My only wisdom for relying on in the internet for anything is noobob

google everything. but do not read everything google has to offer!!

type your question in the ole internet guru (google) and read until your wonder has been satisfied. 

if you sink too deep into the realm of google, you will regret it. 
As my daughters birthday grew closer I knew i wanted a natural birth, and I had been researching different senarios for some months. 

There was a few times i came across stories of bad experiences people have had and natural births going wrong that discouraged me so much that i ended up opting out of a home birth and going to the hospital. 
I so regret this, because after my birth experience i am certain I would have freakin rocked a home birth. 🤘🏽
6 months later, I still google most things baby related, because face it a google search is always quicker than what would end up being an hour long call to mom. (love you mom) 
google is your friend guys and will probably solve any parenting crisis you have. Either by giving you a better idea, or a worse idea.. making your original idea not seem so bad. 
Post note: Read google contributions, and then probably do whatever you were going to do in the first place. That’s what a real friend would do. 

One thought on “ Google that shit, man!

  1. I am self-confessed Google addict too! Oh how complicated the web Google weaves. I am considering screen shotting my Google history for the amusement of my followers.

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