TRIALS AND ERRORS: a guide to baby’s first camping trip

We survived!

Its that time of year again! Only this time, I’m sporting a new baby. I love camping, and I admit to falling in love with my husband camping underneath the Northern Carolina stars. What once was my favorite summer pass time now seemed more daunting than ever.

-how do i keep bugs away without dousing my baby in bug spray?
-Did i pack enough sunscreen? What is in this stuff?
-Make sure she isn’t too hot during the day
-Make sure she isn’t too cold at night
-The dirt.. how do i get rid of ALL the dirt??

ok.. so all typical moms usually sound crazy, but this is serious stuff!
while making my list of shit to pack, I came to a realization that the only things for me on that list was: – D batteries. to blow up our air mattress. and gatorade. How thoughtful of me to think that all i would need to survive was a bed and some gatorade..

fellow outdoor enthusiast.. we should not be intimidated to take our babies out camping!


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Whoever put this tip online was genius. This shit really works, and you can skip the smelly and oily effect of bug spray on you and your baby’s skin!


This next idea may not seem conventional at all, because it’s not. but i consider myself a whatever works kind of mom. If you put yourself in this category you may consider this..

Putting baby to sleep in the car, (a window rolled down a little) with the car on, A/C on, and Disney Princess Radio playing. because thats how she rolls.
and she slept like an angel.

When it cooled down for the night we moved her to the tent in the car seat, where she continued to sleep like an angel!

post note: keeping bite size fruit in a cooler also helped beat the heat/hunger/boredom all in one!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Baby wearing is usually my only advice i have to offer.. because it really has saved my life!
But really you just need somewhere your baby can post up and see whats going on around camp.
I brought a jumperoo with a sun shade which worked great! Although i have heard that a pack and play with a fitted bed sheet over top works wonders!

bonus: to keep from toting around your baby monitor, I downloaded a baby monitor app on my phone that connects to bluetooth and works like a dream! I will post the link, this thing already has rave reviews and is reasonably priced. The audio quality on this baby monitor app is incredible, and offers motion and sound alerts, and a talking to baby feature.

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