Build A Better Baby: Homemade baby food

(with recipe)

American babies consume on average 600 jars of baby food by the time they are a year old! That seems like alot.. but that’s what the internet said, so it must be true!

Making your babies food at home in my opinion has SO many benefits!
This is the only sure fire way to ensure that your baby is consuming good food, that has no extra additives, preservatives, or sweeteners. Even organic brands of jarred baby food have added preservatives to extend their shelf life to be suitable for stores.

Making homemade baby food has it’s challenges, but the benefits definitely overrule these challenges! the main problem i see that people face in preparing homemade baby food is not taking the time to do it.

PRO: homemade baby food provides your baby with more ENERGY AND NUTRIENT dense food

CON: It is true that on average homemade baby food is only good up to 3 days in the fridge, and 3 months in the freezer.

Although this may be discouraging there are ways around the “disadvantages” ultimately giving you no excuse not to give it a shot! In our home, we do what we like to call MOMMY AND ME MEAL PREPPING. where at the end of the week We are prepping food for me and the baby. This particularly wins my vote because, my daughter is eating what I am eating. There is nothing that could give me more peace of mind than having complete control over my daughters health, and diet.

PRO: Prepping her food for the week SAVES ME TIME AND MONEY $$$
A bag of sweet potatoes in this case, cost around 3$, I used about 4 medium sized sweet potatoes to make 6, 4oz jars of baby food. And the rest I made into baked potatoes/ sweet potato fries for me.. WIN!

CON: You have to have a food processor. The better the appliance you have, the better your ending product.

My daughter loves spending time in the kitchen with me, watching me cook and clean. With minimal effort and preparation making homemade baby food ultimately was is great experience for me, and the baby food recipes are SIMPLE. Anything that cost less, and is easy is a win in any moms book.


Sweet Potato Puree Recipe
1. Desired amount of sweet potatoes.
2. Scrub all dirt off sweet potatoes and peel
3. Chop into squares!
4. Bring water to a gentle boil, add sweet potatoes cook for 10-15 minutes until tender.
5. Rinse with cold water for 3 minutes to stop cooking process
6. Process and use the cooking water to bring to desired consistency

BONUS: repurposing glass baby food jars is a great idea. However my mom bought me these 4oz glass jars that can later be repurposed to jam jars or candle holders!

this is how baby food was introduced to her, she has no concept of “well this doesn’t have any sugar, or this isn’t sweet enough I don’t like it” all she knows is “this isn’t milk, yum!” which is how it should be! #NATURALMOMS!!

5 thoughts on “Build A Better Baby: Homemade baby food

  1. I loved making my own baby food for my first. My second followed 19 months later, and the time to make baby food diminished. With the third, I was too busy to even try. I totally agree that making your own is better, and wish I’d tried a bit harder with my boys. But, they did end up eating whole foods more quickly than the first because buying baby food was so expensive. lol
    – Christine


    1. I have heard that after the first child your views on parenting styles do switch, and I will probably look back on this blog and think “hey wow, remember when I did that?” 😂 but I agree with eating Whole Foods sooner 👍🏽

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  2. Jude loved this freeze dried sample pack of sweet potato and raisins we got so I hopped to making our own for him! It didn’t stop there though my husband thumbs through baby food recipes and finds ones that sound good to him and I’ll make them in reusable squeeze pouches for him to snack on or take in his lunch! Whole family enjoys fresh natural foods.


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